The FLIPMED app contains 13 categories, with over 650 Flash cards. It is available in English and Spanish. The questions are presented in a Flashcard Mode or a Game Mode.

In the Flashcard Mode, each card will present a question related to the category in which it appears. After guessing the answer, swipe downward to check if you were correct. If you were wrong, press the small X on the bottom left. If you were correct, press the small  √ on the bottom left. Once you have marked your answer, you have the option of pressing on a small “pearl” in the bottom center of the screen. The “pearl” will provide enhanced knowledge regarding the topic. You can also press on a convenient “G” icon on the bottom right. The app will then take you to a pre-entered Google search, where you can access additional information related to the topic.

This mode must be played by at least 2 people. After choosing settings, simply choose “Game” and the language you would like to use. Once the Game mode and Language are chosen, click the “continue” button on the top right to be brought to a screen with a list of categories. Then, simply choose a category and the game will begin.

First, the screen will prompt you with instructions to place the back of your phone against your forehead. Once the phone is placed on your forehead, your phone’s screen will show a countdown of 3 seconds before a question is shown. After the countdown, the player viewing the screen will see the question. This player can then act out the question or scenario on the screen and the person holding the phone will guess the answer. For example, if the game card shows “Ulnar Nerve Injury”, the person acting this out might run in place and fall on their wrist, landing on it below the pinky region. Alternatively the person giving the hint could lift his/her hand and show it with the claw hand deformity or, the person giving the hint could simply say “claw hand” to the person holding the phone up to his/her forehead. If the person holding the phone guesses correctly, he/she angles the phone upward and a face will appear with a check on it to move on to the next question. If the person answers incorrectly, he/she angles the phone downward and a face will appear with an X on it. The game continues with more questions until the timer on the bottom right runs out.

Once the timer finishes its countdown, a screen will appear with your score. A new screen will then appear giving more options. You can press “Try Again” and the game will restart without the questions that you have already answered correctly. The questions you answered incorrectly will then get reshuffled. If you press “Reset”, all of the questions asked in the previous round get reshuffled into the category, and the game restarts. If you press the icon on the bottom left, you can upload the video of your previous round to social media. If you press the play button to the right of the square icon you can replay the video of your previous round to review it before sharing it. If you press the third icon you will save the video to your phone’s camera roll. The video can then be reviewed or shared at a later time.

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